One thing that stands out about this jackpot is its huge winnings. It comes in three categories namely; Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot (named so because of its 3,000,000 Euros possible amount for winning), Mega Fortune Rapid and Mega Fortune Major.

This game just oozes wealth and prosperity, from the sound effects to the whole makeup of the game. Decked with symbols depicting money and wealth, you will know this game is all about the money. Some of these features include bubbly bottles, expensive watches, cash and rings made of precious stones and more.

When playing the game, you have an opportunity to win three jackpots progressively. This applies to Mega Fortune Major and Mega Fortune Rapid games. This means that a particular fraction of the quantity played by a player in any casino or online website gets added to the total amount that can be won by any player. This all depends on the last winning, so if you are looking for a hefty payout, then you will have to shop around for a casino, online or land-based, that has big prize money to be won.

When it comes to Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot, the winning amount gets collected from all casinos that have Mega Fortune. This means that any player who plays Mega Fortune anywhere around the world is contributing to the Mega Jackpot cash prize, and who knows? It just might be you who wins that amount.

Another endearing thing about this game is the fact that its Return to Player is at 96.6%. It is no doubt that this game offers excellent winning chances with an amount of 250,000 Euros being the least pay-out sum, but it varies from casino to casino.

To stand a chance to win, enter a bonus game by lining up three bonus symbols after which you will unlock the wheel of fortune which gives you three spins to win. When you stop on the Mega Fortune on your third turn, you will be the sole winner of the Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot prize money.