What attracts so many players to the Mega Fortune slot game? Maybe, it is the flamboyantly displayed graphics of the game; perhaps it is the vibrant and deluxe theme of the game; maybe it is the classically rich sound effects of the game, or better yet, it is the millions to be won when one hits the jackpot.

The game’s features are lavishly displayed, and they include rings adorned with precious stones, a watch decorated with diamonds, expensive champagne, riding on boats, cigars from Cuba, cognac and several other luxurious items have been used as features.

The scatter symbol is the champagne feature which will grant you some free spins. The Wild symbol in this game is the waving palm trees which will replace all the other symbols except your bonus and scatter ones.

The bonus Wheel of Fortune is what you want to hit when playing Mega Fortune slot game. This is where you stand to fall on some luck and win a considerable sum of money. When you get the bonus game, the Wheel of Fortune offers you the opportunity to spin and to win the mega jackpot You have to stop the spin, and your pointer lands on an arrow on all three turns.

Sounds easy, does it not? But the thing is it does not get to be a Mega Jackpot for play, thousands if not millions of people have tried to win hence why it even reaches the highs of 18 million cash loot to be won.

Reason for this is because every person who tries his luck and places their bet anywhere in the world, a certain percentage of their stake gets progressively added to the jackpot.

Collecting three champagne scatter symbols will grant you free spins with multipliers. If you get the bonus game, then luck is not your side, and you are just three spins away from winning the Mega Jackpot. Spin the Wheel of Fortune and try to stop the pointer on an arrow three consecutive times and you are an instant millionaire.