Long gone are the days when casinos only got their proceeds from people playing Blackjack, craps, roulette, Baccarat and other games. The introduction of slot games has shot casino revenues so high.

Many people get attracted by the overall look and feel of the slots. The graphics, the sound effects and the whole makeup of the game give players a different feeling when playing.

Years back, the slot machine was just gears, levers and cranks all-round. Thanks to the technological advancement today, we just click a button, and the game is on our screens, mobile devices and computers.

Not only that, these slot games are protected by high-tech software programs specially created to protect the game against virus and hacks.

There are all kinds of slot games out there. One can relive their favourite television shows or play their favourite card games. This is because slot games get categorised into video, classic, themes and progressive slot games. Progressive slot games are where the most popular slot games are found. For example, the Mega Money Jackpot games are found everywhere around the world.

The Internet has made playing slot games even easier. The advancement of technology has connected people from all walks of life around the world on one playing platform and they can try their luck in winning loads of money by playing slots.

So, how do you know whether your ideal slot game will pay you your winnings? In many cases, especially in land-based casinos, some rules and regulations are followed strictly.

One of those rules applies to the value of your coin when you are playing. For example, if your game of choice is a progressive game, it means that your chance of winning gets elevated by the value of the denomination you play in the slot game.

Bet a small amount, and the casino keeps a big chunk of your amount. Go high in your bet, and it ups your chance of winning.